Eric Souliere, MSW RSW Health Sciences North

Eric-ONA.jpg“For years, I was a proud member of OPSEU and even served as a union steward. And so naturally, I voted for OPSEU during our PLSRTA campaign. But if I knew what I know now, I would have voted for ONA.

I’m very happy with the strength and leadership of my new union. ONA has given me a renewed sense of optimism for better working conditions and an improved quality of life. ONA understands the challenges that health care professionals face today and are committed to fairness and equality in the workplace.I now say as our CEO Marie Kelly says, ‘I belong to the greatest union in the world’.


Heather Clark, Program Assistant Brant County Health Unit

heather_clark.jpgAll health-care professionals at our health unit, including nurses, are members of ONA.

We work well together. We negotiate separately from the nurses and we’ve always negotiated very successfully—gaining wage hikes, and improvements to time off and benefits. We have always received superior support from our ONA staff and provincial executive representatives. I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to choose: vote ONA!

Michelle Beaudry, PT Health Sciences North

20170420_HSNMichelleBeaudry1_GBennett.jpg“ONA is the absolute leader in health care. They are the best negotiators and have superior services available to their membership. As a united group with the nurses, we can better advocate for high-quality patient care. I personally have found my time with ONA over the past year to be a fantastic learning experience. Every single member and staff that I have had the pleasure to meet and spend time with have been very welcoming and helpful. In hindsight, we should have sought out ONA years ago!”

John Hsien, MRT(T), Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

JohnHsien_PrincessMargaretCancerCentre.jpgWe joined ONA because of the comprehensive services this union provides in grievances, legal assistance, long-term disability, and professional liability insurance. ONA offers our members education on labour topics to help us understand and do the work of our union. All of the ONA staff are passionate about fighting for our rights for fair working conditions. We’re happy with all of the services and support readily available to each and every member of the union.

Wendy Schoen, MRT(T), London Regional Cancer Program

We believed we were being expected to perform our jobs unsafely with the result being low quality care due to lack of information, insufficient training, and inconsistent procedures. We were concerned that we would compromise the care of patients and compromise ourselves as professionals by not meeting our college’s standards of practice. Through ONA’s grievance process, we were able to successfully demonstrate that we were being asked to compromise quality and safety—elements we take great pride in. The initiative was immediately paused and reverted, with an agreement to improve training and communication in the future.

Steve Marson, Medical Imaging Health Sciences North (former OPSEU member)

Steve-ONAcopy.jpg“The initial onset of the PSLTRA campaign came as a shock and unwanted surprise. The emotional response and spreading of misinformation made it difficult to form a sound decision. Attending ONA union meetings gathering factual information provided much needed clarity, relief and confidence in many regards. The pursuit of superior language, benefits, and awards currently appreciated by all ONA members, including non-nurses, was a strong incentive and passionately held interest of all OPSEU members. Wishing to achieve such for ourselves it became clear ONA was the union of choice.”

Carson Galaviz, RSW, South East Local Health Integration Network (LHIN)

CarsonContrerasGalaviz.jpgI am a social worker and also the ONA Bargaining Unit President for the South East LHIN. I have previous experience working in BC where nurses and allied health were in very different unions. I can certainly say that working together strengthens everyone. I can only argue for the benefit of this; it allows a team to have a richness in breadth of knowledge about health and our patients, and to support ourselves and the complexity of our patients’ health and well being as a union team.

The benefit I have felt with ONA is that I am not a nurse, but have never been made to feel less than a nurse. I fully support ONA representing more health-care professionals. We work as a team on the front lines of health care and we should fight for all of our rights with one voice.

Tina deGroot, RRT Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre

TinaDeGroot.jpgWith great enthusiasm, the Respiratory Therapists, Anaesthesia Assistants, and Sleep Technologists of Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre joined ONA in April. Since joining, we’ve gained a great sense of comfort knowing that we’re part of a strong group of colleagues who will help us have a voice at work so we can do our jobs and give patients the best possible care.

We chose ONA because their only focus is on is health care, which is important to us. ONA better understood our position than any other unions that serve several different industries along with health care. It’s like any niche, you’re going to excel in what you know and focus on.

We were confident, as a group, that ONA was the union for us and there is no looking back. Every part—from the preparation, to the vote, to the end result—was a success. We had a very strong vote and know that as negotiations for our contract unfold, we’ll be in good hands with 64,000 health care professionals across Ontario who have our backs.

Scott Telfer, MRT(T), Health Sciences North

ScottTelfer.jpgI am employed at Health Sciences North and was an OPSEU member prior to the PSLRTA vote in May 2017. I voted for ONA. Having seen the level of service ONA provided to RNs at HSN, I felt that as an allied member, I would be better served by joining ONA. After attending one of the ONA information sessions and witnessing the level of expertise and professionalism displayed, I was convinced that ONA was the best choice for paramedical workers. It’s important to me to belong to a union that is health-care specific and understands the work I do. I wanted to deal with union staff that have walked in my shoes. I wanted to choose a union that is clearly recognized as a leader in the health-care sector. That is why I chose ONA and I am happy I did!

Lori Hanson, MSW, Lakeridge Health

LoriHanson.jpgMy ONA membership is great value for my money. No other union comes close to providing this excellent quality of representation and services.