A vote for ONA is a vote for health-care professionals.

How much are ONA membership dues?

As of January 2018, Ontario Nurses’ Association membership dues are:


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ONA membership dues are a flat rate—a set amount that you pay monthly, that’s it! Some unions calculate dues as a percentage of wages, including overtime, shift premiums, and retroactive pay. With them, the more you earn, the more you pay. ONA has predictable membership dues that don’t penalize you for earning more.

You can deduct union dues you pay from your taxable income. For example, if your personal tax rate is 40% (as it is for most ONA members), your out-of-pocket cost for your membership dues is just 60%. This means you pay only $58.98 per month for the protection and support of an established, professional union.

Where do my membership dues go?

ONA is a union of health care professionals. That means all of our resources are devoted to advancing the interests of health care professionals. With ONA, you get peace of mind from knowing that you are represented by a union of health care professionals. You get a voice and an advocate for fairness. You get a union that has championed quality patient care for decades.

"My ONA membership is great value for my money. No other union comes close to providing this excellent quality of representation and services." - Lori Hanson, MSW