Carson Galaviz, RSW, South East Local Health Integration Network (LHIN)

CarsonContrerasGalaviz.jpgI am a social worker and also the ONA Bargaining Unit President for the South East LHIN. I have previous experience working in BC where nurses and allied health were in very different unions. I can certainly say that working together strengthens everyone. I can only argue for the benefit of this; it allows a team to have a richness in breadth of knowledge about health and our patients, and to support ourselves and the complexity of our patients’ health and well being as a union team.

The benefit I have felt with ONA is that I am not a nurse, but have never been made to feel less than a nurse. I fully support ONA representing more health-care professionals. We work as a team on the front lines of health care and we should fight for all of our rights with one voice.